MyMeds is a secure cloud-based web and mobile application that helps you manage your meds.

By taking your meds properly, you will stay healthier. And a healthier you is a happier you.

We make it easy for you and your loved ones to take the right medication at the right time. With MyMeds, your health is in your hands.

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It is estimated that 10% of employer health spend is due to medication non-adherence. Medication non-adherence can double healthcare costs. For chronic conditions such as diabetes, the total healthcare costs for a non-adherent employee can be twice that of an adherent one.



Health Plans today are expected to achieve higher standards of care and member satisfaction while also keeping cost down. Improving medication adherence is a crucial step toward improving member health and lowering costs.

Health Systems


ACOs are at the forefront of delivering coordinated, quality care in measurable, cost-effective ways. Boosting medication adherence is critical to ensuring that these organizations achieve high-quality care at lower costs.

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Pete Clagett

Chief Executive Officer

Steffen Curtis

Quality Assurance Manager

Thomas Funk

Chief Information Security Officer

Nick Guggenbuehl

Head of Product

Jeff Jahangir

Customer Success Manager

Matt Johnson

Director of Product Implementation

Rob Mohr

Chief Technology Officer

Rajiv R. Shah, MD

Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Rajni Shah, OD

VP of Business Development