Who We serve

Stars, Kidney Care and Other Value Based Care Organizations

MyMeds is the ultimate digital Rx data + insights solution to amplify the impact of value-based care. We can be market ready in 30 days via fast and easy implementation that requires minimal IT and resource lift from our partners.

Value Based Initiatives

Engaging people early and personalizing their health experience leads to positive behavioral change. MyMeds helps plans impact Stars and other health outcomes, reduce total cost of care and improve MLR.

Focus Areas

Medicare Advantage Plans

MyMeds has proven that our Engage for Stars platform helps MA plans improve their Star Ratings for the Part C and D clinical measures, particularly those that are triple-weighted.

Medication-related measures for adherence and managing chronic conditions are more important than ever before because they count towards both the overall Star Rating and the Health Equity Index.

Kidney Care

CMS has highlighted Kidney Care as a major focus area for value-based care because small numbers of patients drive huge costs.

Medication adherence and controlling blood pressure are critical for managing each stage of kidney disease (CKD, ESKD, Transplant) to slow progression, reduce hospitalizations and protect transplants.

The MyMeds Experience was created by and for kidney patients, pharmacists and doctors.

Commercial Populations

It is estimated that 10% of employer health spend is due to medication non-adherence.

For chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, the total healthcare costs for a non-adherent employee can be 2x that of an adherent one.

MyMeds has successfully demonstrated significant ROI by lowering total cost of care across multiple years for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Improve Satisfaction for Both Members and Clinical Care Teams

Identifying and prioritizing the right opportunities in real-time leads to better performance with fewer calls, which reduces member abrasion and improves your care team’s satisfaction.

MyMeds helps your Quality Scores.

Contact us to discover how we can help you improve and/or protect Stars and HEDIS performance, lower total cost of care, and amplify the impact of value-based care.